About Us

Mantis World are an ethically centered apparel manufacturers based in London – Working hand-in-hand with factories in some of the poorest regions of the world to produce high quality cotton-based products.

Our business approach is based on partnership and mutual benefit. Our mission is simple: to produce well-made clothing. Some call it fair trade. Some call it ‘green’. Others call it naive – we see it as the best way forward.

We work closely with our factories through a ‘Trade Not Aid’ model. Together we develop an infrastructure which helps the workers and the local community while at the same time putting in place modern manufacturing techniques which protect the enviroment. These enable the communities to be competitive in the global marketplace and to break the cycle of poverty and reliance.

To us if an item isn’t ethically produced in ways that respect the maker, the buyer and the environment, then it simply isn’t well made.

Prama, Mantis World