Mantis World – by way of Introduction…

We took part in the Source Summit event a little while back.  Prama gave a presentation about the Mantis World ethic. It’s something we are conscious of everyday, it drives us as a team, but we occasionally forget that not everyone outside the company knows what it is.  So we figured we’d upload some visual extracts from Prama’s presentation…by way of re-introduction, so to speak.

Mantis World is a supplier of ethically made garments.

For us there’s not just one, but three bottom lines: People, Planet, Profit. To that end, unlike other companies where it’s an attendant idea or even an afterthought, ethical practice is a given for us; a good product is only made well if it’s produced to the highest quality, relevant to our customer and ethically considered. But it’s not easy – it takes Patience, Persistence and a commitment to Prioritise those values over everything else.

We began just over ten years ago, partnering with Sunflag in Tanzania. It is a pioneering collaborative effort. Here we have a vertical supply chain, this starts with us using locally grown cotton.

We sample, sew and produce our garments here too. It’s a one-stop-shop process where the product is labelled and, if required can be made store-ready. Needless to say, maintaining quality is a key factor here, we take pride in challenging the outdated notions which previously hampered ‘Made in Africa’ products.

We not only have a strong commitment to Africa; we work closely with like minded partners all over the world including Turkey, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We have an agreed code of conduct which our partners uphold, but we don’t leave it there. We visit each factory, not just looking at their manufacturing facilities to make sure they adhere to our strict criteria,  but also to look at how we can develop these relationships further.

What ends up on your hanger at home is important, but it’s about the things the consumer doesn’t see that matters as much as what they do see. At Sunflag Tanzania (see previous post) we recently celebrated the opening of two new  ETP Plants – water cleaning machines. We insist that all the textile mills we work with have these as standard. What will end up on your hanger at home are a wide range of t-shirts and sweaters for adults – made from organic or conventional cotton. These blanks, which we have in stock and are available to our customers all year round, are ideal for printing or embroidery.Kids sweatshirts and t-shirts – ranging from ages two to twelve years old. The range is called Humbugz and again it includes organic or conventional cotton garments.

You’ll also find our range Babybugz in the same ethically manufactured cotton. Babybugz, one of the biggest selling baby wear brands is dedicated to babies up to twenty-four months old.Along with our stock product we also provide a bespoke service. Increasingly we have discovered that our clients require not just high quality ethical cotton based blanks, but product which has been made uniquely for them, to their own spec and aesthetic requirements. We not only bring our expertise in print, packaging and garment manufacture we also provide the kind of accredited assurance that so many of our clients – be they huge corporations or small independents-  need when taking the ethical route.By all accounts Prama’s presentation was incredibly well received. It was part of a programme of presentations and discussed focused on ethical cotton manufacture. Here’s a review of the day;

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