On trend: African textile style

Sometimes what seems like an extreme idea one minute, can make perfect sense the next. For example, a year ago if you were told that the worlds super cool would be wearing traditional African textiles this summer, you’d probably find yourself doubting that persons’ sanity, their definition of cool, or both.

And yet, here it is. African prints, those classically worn on traditional dress, often seen as much too loud and acquired for the Western catwalk and mainstream consumer, have somehow caught on….

There’s the on-trend Spanish owned high street store Zara…

There’s classic Americana as revisioned by Mark McNairy for Italian owned,Woolrich Woolen Mills…

…and there’s the ever-influential US based brand Monitaly, designed by Yuki Matsuda.

Not to mention the British (new) traditionalists brand Burberry, under the creative guidance of Christopher Bailey…

..and many, many more.

As radical and unprecedented as it seems, textile designs usually seen on traditional African apparel have crossed over into the international mainstream. And long may it last!

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