The SOURCE EXPO 17th & 18th October

When Prama launched Mantis just over ten years ago, it’s unlkely she had any plans to make speeches or sit on panals about ethical business and sustainability – for a start there simply weren’t that many people interested back then.

Thankfully, with the efforts of organisations like the Ethical Fashion Forum there’s now a platform for informative and open-minded debate around these subjects. There’s also an ever increasing audience.

Next week Prama will be sitting on two panels – both addressing incredibly important subjects. The first, Producing Sustainably For The High St, takes place on Monday 17th October at 2pm and the second takes place on Tuesday 18th at 1pm. This talk is titled: Africa – Towards Vertical Supply.

Click below if you’d more like details about the Expo:

Also, check out Prama’s amazing blog:


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