Recycling doesn’t have to be dull

For many people the idea of recycling is difficult. As human beings, especially in this society the notion of preventing something (seemingly) remote is way less inspiring than the idea of creating something tangible and proximate. Maybe that’s why creative, witty solutions like the work of Luke Merryweather is so compelling. On one level it taps into those childhood memories of fun times making something out of nothing on otherwise boring rainy days spent indoors. On another level there’s a sense of pure invention, a kind of alchemy that magically makes a thing greater than the sum of its ingredients.And yet it’s also about recycling. What you come away with is a sense of potentiality, a feeing of promise even in things that appear to have out-lived their use. Of course this particular piece is likely to make you feel a little thirsty too.

Luke Merryweather is showing this piece as part of an interactive group show: Partake, New Artists, No Boundaries @ 4 Wilkes Street E1. through to October 26th.


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